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 Do your intensive driving course in an Alfa Romeo MITO





I passed with Neil with only 2 minors on my sheet

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What are Intensive courses?

There are a lot of different names for these types
of courses, such as: One week intensive course, crash course, one week pass
course, and the list goes on. They all mean the same thing and that is that you
will have seven days in which to get to test standard and pass the driving test
set out by the DSA.


Am I suited to doing an intensive driving course?

Intensive driving courses were designed for peolpe
that already have a little driving experience. Because the intensive driving
course is crammed in to one week it is best that the learner driver has a
knowledge of the controls and how to use them. If the pupil already has some
experience then the pass rate is very good. For someone doing a one week
intensive course with no experience what so ever, the pass rate will drop
significantly. The amount that a pupil will have to learn in this very little
time can easily become overwhelming.

I need to pass my driving test quickly but I have no
driving experience, what can I do?

For the pupil that has no experience what so ever,
a semi intensive driving course has been developed. The semi intensive driving
course is spread over 2 or 3 weeks to suit the pupil. The benfits to the semi
intensive driving course for a complete beginner are masive. The first benefit
is that you will have a lot more time to absorb the informaition for each
topic, this will decrease any anxiety when you feel that you are not picking a
subject up straight away (usually reverse manoeuvres). The time frame will also
give you time to have extra hours if you feel the need to. The biggest up is
that your chances of passing first time will increase hugely to that of the
intensive driving course.


passed first time on my intensive course with only
2 minors. The course was very well set out and structured. I booked in for 25
hours because I already had some driving experience but by the end of the week
Neil reduced it to 20 hours as he felt I would be ready in that time. He was
right and I saved £80.


What makes your intensive driving courses so good?

Our driving instructors have superseded the
qualifications needed to become driving instructors and are amongst the highest
qualified in the Gwent / Torfaen area. We have male driving instructors and
female driving instructors.

We structure the driving course so that you learn
each lesson topic by topic. This will break down what you need to know and help
you to progress further which cuts the amount of hours needed.


How many hours will I need?

That will depend on your experience, generally for
a complete beginner a pupil would need about 40 Hours or someone with a little
experience would be about 30 hours. We do our courses in blocks of 10 so that
we can guage the correct amount of hours needed.


Someone told me that they passed their test in 20

With all due respects to people that usually say
this it is for one of two reasons, One: They passed a billion years ago when
drivng was less complicated with heavily congested traffic and multi lane
roundabouts. Two: They have over exaggerated their hours to look good.


How much is the driving course?

We charge £180 per 10 hour block, so it's that
price times the amount of ten hour blocks that you need.

What areas do you cover?

We cover Newport, Caerleon, Cwmbran, Ponthir,
Pontypool, New Inn, Risca, Rogerstone, Bassaleg Crosskeys, and most other areas
in Torfaen / Gwent



I passed my intensive course with Neil!